Web Designing Tips for Software Engineers

April 15, 2019

Web Designing Tips for Software Engineers

A computer software engineer can choose any profession after getting a master degree. When it comes to website designing, there is nothing better than learning basic designing tips from experienced professionals. This could be a bit difficult when you have many options to choose to sharpen your skills and make your career. If you are planning to run a start-up business using your skills and want to make an effective website design, you might be looking for some tips to create a great design. To shed some light on the subject, this blog covers some useful suggestions that will help you in creating a great website. Let’s dig in.  

1. Include a link of homepage on Every Page of your site
Adding a home page link to every page will make your website easily accessible and user-friendly. One of the best ways to add a home page link to every page is to make a graphic. Web users usually like to click on icons to switch to any specific page and to navigate a website easily.

2. Make Sure Your Website is Accessible Even without “WWW.”
Every website URL usually saw with www., but you should try to make sure that anyone can access your site even without including “www.” in front of any website URL. This will make it easy for the website visitors to access the site regardless of how they type it in the address bar.

3. Don't Use a Lot of Graphics
It is important to add beautiful and relevant images to a website. However, uploading too many images can make your website bulky and overwhelming. It is, therefore, advisable not to use images and graphics only for the purpose of decoration, instead use them to grab the attention of the visitors and to improve the visual appearance of your website.

4. Use a Descriptive Title
Provide a title to every page of your website. Site owners usually forget to name their website pages, or give them a generic name, such as "Welcome Page." A webpage description is used by search engines to rank them. It is, therefore, important to create web page descriptions. Remember that it is used only for viewers and search engines.

5. Use Shortcuts Such As HTML Codes
To design your website quickly, you should use shortcuts. This will not only saves your time but also allows you to make fast changes to your web pages if required. You can use HTML codes to make fast changes to each web page without re-loading them.

6. Never Use Blinking Or Scrolling Text Or Any Other Animation
Using blinking text and animated images may distract the attention of your website visitors. It is, therefore, advisable not to use animated images and scrolling text. Also, steer away from sounds or music that plays automatically.

7. Don't Load Rich Content Such As Videos and Music
Rich content mainly refers to music and videos, or anything other than graphics or text. Many websites that play music automatically in a work environment is a big problem as this only annoys visitors.

8. Design a Website that Fits all Screen Resolutions
A simple website always encourages visitors to stay and read the content. If your website doesn't look good at any specific resolution, the visitors will move on to another website as they cannot access or view it properly. It is, therefore, advisable to design a stretcher layout that can easily fit any screen resolution and help your visitors to enjoy the content.

9. Sign Up Different Newsletters for Website Designing Updates
Signing up different newsletters will help you learn about the latest and different website designing techniques. Such newsletters are helpful for both beginners as well as experienced designers.

10. Go for Professional Web Hosting for Commercial Websites
If you are designing a commercial website, you should never use free web hosting services. Free web hosting brings annoying advertisement onto your site, and it distracts your commerce site from a professional look. It is, therefore, advisable to pay for some professional web hosting for extraordinary results.

Final Word
The article explains that no matter how good you are at designing a website, there's always time to learn a lot from the basics. Finding information on web design can be difficult as there is a glut of information available. After reading this article, you will definitely get some idea on how to create great websites.