Web Design Advice for a Software Developer

May 15, 2019

Web Design Advice for a Software Developer

If you are new to web designing and software development and wish to begin with your designs, you need to follow some basic fundamentals and concepts that will make your website pleasing and functional. If you are wondering what the basic fundamentals of web designing are, you have landed the right page. This article covers some useful tips that can help you make a better web design. Let’s take a look.  

1. When designing a website, make sure that the code of the website i.e. HTML and CSS is correct. Although you may find many browsers that can sense the code and check its validity, you need to check it thoroughly before checking its validity. Valid code will depict the clear images and structure, the same time you run the code in a modern browser. You can also check the validity and errors in your HTML code using an HTML validator.

2. Always remember to add a favicon to a website. Favicon is an image in .Ico format and size 16x16. This is the image that you see with the URL bar, next to the title of the page on an opened tab. Favicon is also visible on the pages that you bookmark. It helps users to recognize a page in the browser without reading any text or viewing the page.

3. Make sure that you have provided descriptive titles to every webpage. You would definitely find a surprising number of web pages that are known as "untitled document" or "new document". Such pages with no title distract the attention of the visitors from a useful piece of information and also destroy the efforts you have done in optimizing your website as per the latest trends and search engine algorithm.

4. Use ALT tags with the images to name all the images whenever and wherever possible. These tags tell everything about an image to a viewer, and help to pair the images with the website as well as allow the user to browse the website with images. As an added bonus, some search engines include these tags in their rankings so you may get a boost by using them.

5. When designing a website, it is always advisable to start with free software especially, when you're trying it for the first time. Although many people think that expensive software is the best to build a high-quality website, you can easily find a vast number of free software on the Internet. Although both free and paid software and tools can help you start the design process, helps to keep your site up, and working, you need to do a little research to find the best free web designing software and tools.

6. Know in detail about your website’s subject matter before you try to share it on the internet with others. This means, no matter what information you are going to share on your website, you should do thorough research and have detail knowledge on the subject to solve the queries of your customers easily. You won't win customers until and unless you give them correct and relevant information. This implies that knowing your subject is very important when having a blog.

7. If you want to add some advertisements on your business website in order to increase your earnings, make sure to maintain an appropriate ratio of advertisements. Never keep the ratio of advertisements more than 25 percent of your content. This will ensure that your site is not cluttered with too many and useless advertisements. Site visitors are will not like to stay on your site if your website is flashing too many advertisements.

8. If you also want your visitors or customers provide their feedback on your website, include a feedback form instead of adding a guestbook. Including a feedback form on your website will help your site visitor’s contact you without showing anything negative to other customers who visit your website. If you are including a guestbook on your website, then you should know that everyone who is visiting your website can read both good and bad comments.

Final Word
As stated above in this article, if you are a new website designer and doesn't know from where to begin to design an elegant website, you should follow the basic concepts and fundamentals of website designing. By following the above-mentioned advice, you can definitely be able to create some great web designs.